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Exposing the lies, steroid use, and unethical marketing.

Image source: Chris Hemsworth’s Instagram page

Deceit is a foundation for much of the fitness industry.

Think back to the early 90s when television bombarded us with fitness infomercials. They sold us the idea that a simple piece of fitness equipment would give us abs in a matter of just “five minutes a day”.

Absolutely no scientific evidence was required. The only evidence we needed (apparently) was how amazing the fitness models in the advertising look.

Social proof is what we marketers call it.

Or bullshit.

It was probably the first time the models had used that piece of exercise equipment. Instead, they dedicate their lives…

The publications where your writing is most likely to be seen.

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Ultimately, we all want people to read our writing.

That’s why we write, right?

Sure, you can write journal entries to read to your cat, but this is Medium.

The problem is that most articles are lost in obscurity, lucky to make a couple of dollars.

Time is money. It takes time to write articles. Therefore, the bang for your buck is because you’re paying with your time.

Mind you, it’s harder to be published when publications accept few articles. But if you are, it’s like the holy grail writing—instant audience.

Hence this article and reach. I was interested in…

It’s a world of fake likes, bots, and celebrities endorsing products they've never used. Is influencer marketing still effective?

Image source: Selena Gomez’s Instagram

Influencer marketing is one of the biggest marketing trends for the past five years.

If you spend much time browsing Instagram or YouTube, no doubt you will have come across a celebrity with a sponsored post promoting some random brand.

The use of bots and fake accounts to artificially create a following have plagued the practice, many brands starting to question whether they receive real value for their spend.

As consumers, we’re also getting sick of inauthentic posts from celebrities endorsing products we know they would never use.

So, are influencers still relevant, or is the practice losing its credibility?

What is Influencer Marketing?

Be remembered, recognised, and liked by customers.

Photo by Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0 ImageCreator — Via The Blue Diamond Gallery

A common mistake from beginner marketers is confusing their business's brand image with their brand identity. I get it. They sound similar and are related concepts.

But they are not the same thing.

Brand identity is what we think our brand is, and the brand image is what customers believe our brand is.

This article explores what a brand identity is, its importance to a business in creating a reputation, and marketing strategies that a business can use to create and grow its brand identity.

How the brand identity influences the brand image

A brand’s identity is its intent to cultivate a specific image in consumers’ minds.


Is Kumail more jacked than Jackman?

Images from Instagram & YouTube

Kumail is an excellent example of somebody completely transforming their body in a short period.

It’s probably steroids. But Kumail still put in the work.

Wait, where’s my evidence? Well, it’s circumstantial. Until a Hollywood star comes out and says, I am also using “this drug” to enhance my physique — it’s all speculation.

What is the likelihood of Kumail being on Steroids?

Very high. I estimate it to be a 99.9% chance.

The complete transformation of his body in such a small timeframe and at an age well past the peak age for producing testosterone is a tell-tale sign.

A solo dad at 21 and a passion for experiences, rock concerts, rugby, fitness, and marketing.

I own all the images in this article.


Welcome to my biography.

To the editors of About Me Stories — thank you for adding me to the publication. When the publication added me, I was sharing blog content that I’d already created a while ago, so I wasn’t paying much attention to anything else.

Then later, I checked out the publication, and I always meant to write this article.

So, here we are!

Who “is” Daniel?

Hi, I’m Daniel.

People tend to call me Dan. People I don’t even know! Is that something every Daniel gets? Or do I seem like a Dan?

I am a marketing consultant/writer living in…

Looking fit doesn’t always mean you’re healthy, despite what the marketing tells us.

Screenshot via Instagram

What exactly is healthy? It probably means different things to different people.

Depending on the context, healthy means all sorts of things.

An overweight person could be pretty healthy in general well-being, such as organs working well, cardiovascular fitness, or being mentally fit. But they don’t look like a swimsuit model.

On the other hand, that fitness model might look amazing but is very unhealthy. Malnourished and not in good condition internally due to the lack of nutrition in their diet and other aspects of their lifestyle.

Instagram further pushes the “ideals” of what is healthy. Marketing is everywhere you…

His muscular physique is almost god-like. But is it his workout?

Screenshot via Instagram

Chris Hemsworth is a jacked. And he isn’t afraid to show it off on Instagram, where he has 50 million followers.

You may know him as Thor from the Marvel movies. Or, the slim heartthrob from Home and Away (shout out, Australia).

Often, other famous jacked dudes like The Rock will comment with a fire or bicep emoji, or both.

Hollywood actors often claim to workout 3 hours a day to make their transformation.

Chris Hemsworth recently posted on his Instagram, giving a 7-day free trial period to sign up for his app Centr. …

Who lost the most followers from Medium’s removal of SPAM accounts?

Custom image via subscription

You may have noticed a loss in your follower count recently.

You’re not alone.

Medium recently announced the removal of fake accounts.

As well as individual writers losing some of their followers, it also meant Publications lost a number of their followers.

What publications took the biggest hit? Read on to find out.

The Bot-Bust

On June 8, Medium published an article on their blog “Keeping Medium Authentic”. Announcing a crackdown on spam accounts, Medium said they want “to ensure that your follower and following counts only reflect quality users”.

“We will continue removing spam and other disingenuous accounts from Medium on…

The number of calories we eat literally controls our weight.

Image via subscription

Want to lose weight? There is just one thing that controls this.

The amount of fat we carry is dictated by the total number of calories we consume.

Yes, some calories are healthier than others. But being healthy isn’t the same as losing weight.

All the diet fads out that bombard us via the media complicate the weight loss process.

But it’s actually straightforward.

Here’s why.

How Weight Loss Works

If we consume fewer calories than it takes to maintain our body weight, then we lose weight. But, conversely, if we consume more, we gain weight.

The more calories we consume, the more activity…

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