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Exposing the lies, steroid use, and unethical marketing.

Deceit is a foundation for much of the fitness industry.

Think back to the early 90s when television bombarded us with fitness infomercials. They sold us the idea that a simple piece of fitness equipment would give us abs in a matter of just “five minutes a day”.

Absolutely no scientific evidence was required. The only evidence we needed (apparently) was how amazing the fitness models in the advertising look.

Social proof is what we marketers call it.

Or bullshit.

It was probably the first time the models had used that piece of exercise equipment. Instead, they dedicate their lives…

It’s a world of fake likes, bots, and celebrities endorsing products they've never used. Is influencer marketing still effective?

Selena Gomez Instagram
Selena Gomez Instagram

Influencer marketing is one of the biggest marketing trends for the past five years.

If you spend much time browsing Instagram or YouTube, no doubt you will have come across a celebrity with a sponsored post promoting some random brand.

The use of bots and fake accounts to artificially create a following have plagued the practice, many brands starting to question whether they receive real value for their spend.

As consumers, we’re also getting sick of inauthentic posts from celebrities endorsing products we know they would never use.

So, are influencers still relevant, or is the practice losing its credibility?

What is Influencer Marketing?

Be remembered, recognised, and liked by customers.

A common mistake from beginner marketers is confusing their business's brand image with their brand identity. I get it. They sound similar and are related concepts.

But they are not the same thing.

Brand identity is what we think our brand is, and the brand image is what customers believe our brand is.

This article explores what a brand identity is, its importance to a business in creating a reputation, and marketing strategies that a business can use to create and grow its brand identity.

How the brand identity influences the brand image

A brand’s identity is its intent to cultivate a specific image in consumers’ minds.


A Guide to Positioning Strategy

How a brand provides value to customers in a unique way.

What is positioning?
What is positioning?

Positioning is where a brand sits in the hearts and minds of customers.

The associations that consumers hold with the brand reflect its positioning in the market. A brand can control the marketing mix to create a market position, but it really the customer who decides a brand’s positioning in its mind.

This blog explores positioning as a marketing strategy.

The relationship between positioning and other essential marketing strategies are discussed, along with five common positioning strategies brands use.

“A position that takes into consideration not only a company’s own strengths and weaknesses, but those of its competitors as well.”…


Email marketing has become a popular marketing and sales techniques across all types of businesses for one key reason: it works.

What is email marketing?
What is email marketing?

Since it rose quickly to prominence and the internet about 25 years ago, email marketing has become widely used by businesses.

Email is widely used as a marketing tool for businesses to communicate with their target market and as a relationship management tool to communicate directly with existing customers.

In 2020, a vast majority of people now used email daily to communicate with each other. Either with friends and family, work colleagues, or perhaps to sign up to receive more information about a brand or product that interests them.

This article guides best practice for using email marketing, giving strategy…

Metal music has some ridiculous song names. Here’s some of the best.

devil horns and a metal concert
devil horns and a metal concert

Metal music is known for its aggressive style, loud guitars, and sometimes satanic themes.

The terminology Heavy Metal used the title because it’s probably more understandable than just ‘Metal” to the general population.

But Metal music has many genres.

Metal genres range from cheesy 80’s hair metal like Motley Crue or Poison to really fast-paced music like Thrash or Speed metal like 1980’s Metallica. From more groove orientated power metal like Pantera to Nu Metal like Linkin Park.

The ability to play your instrument technically, very well and fast is often important. This leads to some awesomely stupid song names.

How much has the performance of elite athletes improved in the past 30 years?

Lebron James, Michael Jordan, Usain Bolt. Are athletes more athletic?
Lebron James, Michael Jordan, Usain Bolt. Are athletes more athletic?

There is a popular narrative among some modern sports followers (mostly LeBron James fans) that athletes are far more athletic now than they were 20 or 30 years ago.

In particular, this conversation often evolves around Michael Jordan in an attempt to explain and underplay the significance of his dominance.

People will tell you that Michael Jordan was only so good because he played in a less competitive league. Jordan had it easy.

Michael Jordan played against plumbers and accountants…

Now, there’s a bunch of players in the NBA just as athletic as Jordan — sportspeople today are bigger, faster…

A guide to starting your own business networking event

I wanted to get all of the local people using LinkedIn in one room…

Linkedin local Hamilton event
Linkedin local Hamilton event

I think I succeeded.

In 2018, I started a networking event called LinkedIn Local Hamilton.

I would have been happy to get 50 people in a room. One hundred attended, and then over 300 people attended my third event. The attendees transcended LinkedIn.

I have now been doing it for three years.

Despite Covid and lucky to call New Zealand home, I did five in-person events in 2020.

Over those events, I have had around 35 respected local business-people as speakers. We’ve raised over $15,000 for charity. …

Gym stereotypes updated for 2021.

People You Meet at the Gym. Gym stereotypes 2021
People You Meet at the Gym. Gym stereotypes 2021

Before we start, this article is meant as satire.

If you can see yourself in this story, I’m sorry.

So can I.

It’s just for a laugh.

Laughter is the best medicine etcetera.

Here are some of the characters you might meet if you go to the gym in 2021.

Short man syndrome guy

Short in stature, but ‘giant' in gains.

He walks around with swagger (or waddle) like he’s 6’4, 250 pounds. But he’s 5’5, 165 lb.

He always quotes his weight as 20 pounds heavier than he actually is.

“Insecurities? What insecurities? I’m massive AF.”

He takes every chance he can to…

Here’s how to get the most out of using social media for lead generation and sales

Social selling — how to use social media for marketing and sales
Social selling — how to use social media for marketing and sales

Billions of people spend multiple hours a week, sometimes numerous hours a day, scrolling through their social media feeds and engaging in content that interests them.

Thus, social media becomes is a powerful tool for brands to communicate with their target audience.

Social selling was born as a tactic to communicate with potential customers through social media, in a way less intrusive way than traditional marketing.

So how do we do this?

Read on to find out.

This article explores what social selling is, how it works, its benefits and ten tips to get the most out of your social…

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